July 27-29.2018


TangoForge Sverige IV: Halland & Halmstad

You are invited to join TangoForge in our fourth weekend in Sverige.

We make some changes this time:

  • There will be less time in workshops, and more time to practice and play together.
  • The workshops will be of two types: Serious Tango Technique Business and Altertango workshops about how to get our tango out of milongas and into the world and how to build new communities.
  • During summer we also want more free time to be outdoors in beautiful Steninge.

We are happy to announce that we will have a musician in residence during the seminar, for experimentation and dialogue.


1700-18:30 Altertango Workshop 1: Chopin, Dubstep, Jazz, Metal: Applying our tango heritage to normal music
19:00…. Dinner, Practica with live music + privates*

10-12:30: Tango Biomechanics & Improvisation Workshop 1: Theme: Smooth Sacadas
16:00-17:00: Altertango Workshop 2: Bad Surfaces: tango for sand, asphalt, and grass (workshop on the beach)
18:00-19:00: Altertango Workshop 3: Yogis, Ninjas, and Gymrats: Action Plan for growing our tango community (including how to teach a first tango lesson)
21:00-24:00: Practica with Live Music.

10-12:30 Tango Biomechanics & Improvisation Workshop 2: Theme: Transforming Sacadas into delicious Ganchos
16:00-18:00 Popup Milonga in Halmstad
19:00 … For those who go back to spend the night in Steninge… Practica and last privates.

* New TangoForge students will have 30 minute privates with Vio. Returning students will have 45 minute semi-privates in groups of 3. Everyone will have a chance to ask a question.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica at jessicafoerster@hotmail.com or by fb.

You can send your deposit by credit card below, or by Swish to 0760197408.

Housing is available from Ulla. You can bring your own food so you can be relaxed about eating times and styles. Kitchens available.

Barbecue & Sauna!